What is the Purpose of Marriage?

     Marriage has been a hot topic for me lately. Newly engaged couples, marriage anniversaries, and weddings fill my social media timeline. Then there’s constant news stories of married couples, whether it be from Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Anthony, T.I. and Tiny, or Russel Wilson and Ciara. What one must endure as a married couple and  the purpose of marriage has been something I’ve been thinking about. 

     I am an unmarried and unattached woman, how can I be qualified to speak on marriages? Well, I do my share of watching and listening to married couples. The common thread that I find with most married couples is…it’s work. While for some that work is rigorous and tumultuous, for some the work is fun or at least rewarding.

    If for some reason your marriage is a distraction from your goals, like rapper T.I. expressed in his interview with Angie Martinez, maybe you’re in the wrong marriage (it is a such thing as marrying the wrong person).The right marriage isn’t supposed to distract you from your goals, but bring you closer to them. But just because your marriage is purposeful, does not mean it will be perfect. A lot of times it is the most adverse situations that bring us closer to God. Sometimes situations bring us to our knees so all we can do is look up and pray to God.

    I don’t personally know Dj Envy from Power105.1’s radio show, The Breakfast Club, and his wife Gia. But I learned a lot about them in their podcast The Casey Crew. One episode that will always stick out for me is the “The Cheating Episode” about when Dj Envy cheated on Gia.

I am an avid listener of The Breakfast Club, so I remember the morning, years ago when Envy apologized to his wife, on air for not being the best husband. So this episode was especially poignant because having a relationship podcast and just glossing over this very public blip in their relationship, is a bit hypocritical.

I learned from this podcast episode that if God and faith are not the foundation of your marriage, it is not standing on solid ground. While cheating was the conduit, God was the reward. This is not giving an excuse to cheat by any means. But I do think we don’t see the whole picture in life when trouble comes our way.  So sometimes when things happen in marriage, it is worth to stand still and pray for guidance rather than make fast decisions based off of emotions. Nothing in life comes easy, including love. Love will be tested, and if it’s not, I question it’s true validity.

So what’s the true purpose of marriage? Whats the point of promising to love someone for the rest of your life? In my opinion the purpose of marriage is to bring us closer to being our best self and in doing so aligning us with our purpose for this world, through the display of unconditional love.

Let me know what you think the purpose of marriage is in the comments below.

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