Music Moments: Watch Mel Alston Jr. Video “Purple”

Mel Alston Jr. is a Philadelphia R&B singer, with a very unique voice. If you’re looking for some fresh R&B music, Alston’s “Purple” is a great start.

The Philly R&B singer’s voice is a bit similar to R&B serenader, John Legend. Mel Alston Jr’s sound is reminiscent of Philly Neo soul, where you feel all of the words he is saying. Alston has a slight roughness to his voice that helps to emphasize every word he is singing. In the song “Purple” Alston serenades the woman about wishing to love her body as if it was a painting canvas. Presently, he has a 3 three year old project called Movie Muzik that is definitely worth the listen if you love R&B. Hopefully, he’ll give more information on dropping a new project.

Meanwhile, listen to his song from the project “Purple” below. 


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