Top 5 Barack Obama Presidential Moments

President Barack Obama will be saying his goodbye address tonight from Chicago and I might cry. I was a Sophomore at my HBCU Winston-Salem State University when they announced he won. After the announcement everyone ran to the clock tower and celebrated. It was the greatest feeling ever. That moment I truly thought anything was possible. During his presidency he continued to show me that the only limits in life are what we put on ourselves. So here are my top five favorite Barack Obama moments.

  1. President Obama’s first dance with First Lady Michele Obama.

It meant so much to see President Obama and his beautiful wife share their first dance as the First Couple with Beyonce serenading them. Unfortunately in media we are bombarded with the stereotype of black men not setting down, having baby mamas, and a bunch of kids that they don’t take care of. Not Barack. It was amazing watching him dance and look lovingly at his wife.

2.  2016 White House Correspondent Dinner Speech. “Obama Out.”

The president had all of the jokes during his final white house correspondent dinner speech. Nothing quite beats his mic dropped exit, “Obama out.”

3.  Barack singing Al Green

Not only does our president have some comedic chops, he can sing too. Listen as he gives a snippet of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.

4.  Couch Commander In Chief Video

The thing about being a leader is you can’t take yourself too seriously. Barack gives us a hilarious skit of what he’s going to do post white house.

5.  Barack Obama’s Victory Speech in 2008 ‘Yes We Can’.

The feeling I had during this speech probably won’t ever be duplicated. I felt so inspired after hearing this speech. I actually felt a tremendous amount of pride and hope watching him. Yes we can indeed.

Tell me some of your favorite moments in the comment section below and watch Barack Obama’s goodbye address tonight at 9pm est. live from Chicago. We’ll miss you President Obama!!


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