5 Ways To Get Past The Hump of Procrastination

I have a very bad habit of procrastination, like very bad. These days it seems I procrastinate when it comes to stuff I have to do for myself. I don’t procrastinate in work or when it comes to helping someone. It’s when I have to do something for my website, make a doctors appointment, and etc. Literally anything that comes with me doing something that would be for my betterment I put it off to […]

How A Former Gang Member Changed His Life For The Better

The gang culture is an easy pitfall for a lot of youth that some never recover from. The usual consequences for being involved in a gang involve a coffin or jail. But fortunately for Michael Felton, that was not his story. Felton grew up in Southside Queens in the mid 90’s when the gang culture was very prevalent in his neighborhood. At 12 he joined the eight tre crips because the older males in his […]