T.I. To Release Black Lives Matter Mixtape ‘Us Or Else’

Atlanta rapper T.I. is using his music to take a stand when it comes to the killings of unarmed African Americans by police officers. He recently announced an official release date for the racially themed mixtape.

Fans of the Atlanta rapper can expect the Us Or Else mixtape very soon on September 23. Tip already is making waves with the first video from the mixtape entitled “Warzone”, where instead of unarmed black people being killed by white police officers, the roles are reversed and it’s unarmed white people being killed by black police officers.

On the Daily Show with Trevor NoahT.I. also addressed people that blame Hip-Hop music for violence within the black community.

“I think people need to take into consideration that Hip Hop traditionally has always been a reflection of the environment the artist had to endure before he made it to where he was,” said T.I. “So if you want to change the content of the music, change the environment of the artist and he won’t have such negative things to say.”

Look out for Us Or Else this Friday.

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