Southside With You: A Slept On Love Story

I’m a sucker for a love story. I love to see people come together and through the most random events fall in love. Therefore, I was most intrigued when a couple of summers ago I saw the trailer for Southside With You, a movie about the first date of our future First Couple, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. While I loved the movie, I noticed a lot of my peers thought it was a snooze.

Grant it, Southside With You is not exactly a dramatic love story displaying the dramatics of a relationship. But what the movie lacks in drama it makes up for in substance. It shows the simple beginnings of what would become a very important relationship for the two characters. The movie shows the foundation of actually getting to know someone that doesn’t involve texting and liking Instagram photos. It shows the beauty in learning another person’s perspective. It shows the intricacies of taking the time to understand how a person thinks and falling in love because of it. 

It’s refreshing to see the future POTUS taking his future wife on a date in his busted car. They spent the entire day together talking, going to a museum, going to a community meeting, and then later drinks and seeing one of the most controversial movies of that time Do The Right Thing. They spent the day sharing ideas and provoking thoughts with one another. The movie shows the humble beginnings of a courtship. I understand that people don’t go to movies to see real life but rather an embellishment of it. This movie was a breath of fresh air and I can only hope to have a first date as impactful.

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