Soul Mates: Do They Exist In Real Life?

Soul mates have always fascinated me. Webster defines a soul mate as a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament. They are people that are destined to cross paths for a higher purpose. They’re not the perfect person, but they’re perfect for you. 

All soul mates aren’t romantic partners. Some are friendships or even people in our families. According to, there are 7 different type of soulmates: Friend Soul mate, Teacher Soul mate, Companion Soul mate, Karmic Soul mate, Twin Soul / Twin Flame soul mate, New Soul Connection soul mate, and SOUL FAMILY Soul mate.

Twin Flame soul mates intrigue me the most because they are the closest soul mate relationship. God split the soul in two, creating a male and female counterpart. In the spiritual realm, the two souls never part, but in the physical, must find each other to come together and complete their purpose. This does not happen in every lifetime. Everyone does not meet or end up marrying their twin flame. It’s always a life-changing experience when you do.

I’ve always wanted that inexplicable, life-changing love. That rare thing you might only see in movies or your dreams. In pastor Toure’ Roberts sermon about soul mates he breaks down 5 qualifiers for soul mates: chemistry, connection, wholeness, divine confirmation, and purpose. I don’t think without these qualifiers relationships can’t work, but if it’s a soul mate relationship, specifically the twin soul flame, I do think these things must be present.

According to author, Elizabeth Rose, in order to meet your twin flame, you can’t look.  You have to evolve spiritually and by divine interaction, you will meet.

For more on Soul mates, watch Pastor Toure’ Roberts sermon on soulmates below. Let me know your thoughts on Soul mates.

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