Make A Vision Board For 2017

Recently, I went to an event to make my annual vision board for the new year. For people that don’t know, vision boards are a physical representation of what you want to bring into your life. You go through different magazines or books and cut out the pictures or words that resonate with the type of life you want to have.

It’s no secret, this year was hard for many, including myself. I lost my brother, my apartment, jobs, and money. Now I can be very cliche and say through it all,  I still learned and persevered…but truth is, I’m hurt and truthfully I am still hurting. Many in my life don’t know the struggle it is just for me to continue to exist. I often think about turning myself into the insane asylum and quitting on life.

But I don’t, I’m still here and fighting for my life. And even though I did experience a lot of losses in 2016, I still have loving friends, family, and I also have a pretty cool job. I’m starting to feel maybe 2016 was setting the foundation for 2017. So my vision board for 2017 represent peace, love, fun, and authenticity. Hopefully, with my vision board I will attract a better year than 2016. 

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