Kerry Washington, La La Anthony & Eve Are #BlackGirlMagic

I wanted to bring to light women that I absolutely Stan for. We should do more uplifting of each other and letting other women know, “I see you sis!”

Kerry Washington

I love Kerry Washington! I first started really paying attention to her on Shonda Rhime’s (another woman I admire) hit show, Scandal. I loved the way Washington’s character, Olivia Pope carried herself (minus the whole mistress thing) and I had never seen a black woman on TV in such a powerful role. As a result, I then became a fan of Mrs. Washington. Just like the character she plays, whatever Kerry is wearing, she absolutely slays. I always anticipate what she is wearing on the red carpet. But it’s not just her clothing that I love. One of the main reasons I call her “my mentor in my head” is because of the poise and grace with which she carries herself. Her media training is impeccable, she steers away from controversy and still is able to answer questions and sometimes leaves you with a little bit of life jewels.

La La Anthony

La La and I share the same astrological sign of Cancer (#cancerseason)! I love La La for her realness. I first started paying attention to her during her show on VH1, La La’s Full Court. I thought it was dope how she juggled being a wife, mother, friend, and business woman to the people that surround her. I always wanted to be blessed to ‘have it all’ and handle it seamlessly. Or at least well enough to survive. Watching La La showed me that it is indeed possible.


Straight from Philly, Eve made it out and did it like a boss. Growing up, Eve was the only female MC that I related to. She wasn’t too sexually vulgar for me, she was a lil street, but yet still had a feminine aura. Being that she was also from Philly and even my same neighborhood. I often looked to her as a role model. I always thought if Eve could make it so could I. Eve’s had her own albums, show, Grammies and clothing line. Now she’s not even in the US as much because her husband is a European millionaire named Maximillion Cooper. Now that’s glowing up. Who would have thought a chick from Philly that rapped could make it like that?! Eve will forever be an inspiration to me.

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