Does Giving Tithes Produce More Money?

     Tithing is the act of giving 10 percent of your income back to the lord. Lately I’ve been concentrating on becoming my best self. For me, one of the categories that I’ve been working on is my spirituality. So I’ve started to pay tithes to my church.

    I never was a tither. I simply didn’t believe in it and thought it was just a scheme that the priests who actually wrote the Bible put in there to make money. So tithing was something I’d say was optional and had nothing to do with my spiritual walk. It was something that I always said I would do when I had enough money. I believed giving a dollar to a homeless person was my way of giving tithes.

    But for the first time in my life I feel the need to tithe. Like I literally feel bad when I don’t. I look at paying tithes as helping out the church or pastor that gave me words of encouragement. After all nothing is free in this world and I value people’s time.

I have read different stories of people whom have tithed receiving even more blessings or that tithing has brought them closer to God. I am by no means rich, so even though 10 percent of income wouldn’t be much, that little extra that I tithe with could be used just to have extra money in my pocket for something I want to do. But again I’m trying to be my best self, so I’m going to give tithing a try. My intentions with tithing isn’t to pay God to bless me. My intention with it is to open my life up to giving more. I want to depend on God and the universe to provide like I’ve always been told it would. After all if your hands are always tight holding on to what you have, then it won’t be open to receive any more abundance.

I’m not using God as a personal genie, but I hope to have a great tithing story one day.

     Share your tithing stories with me  below, and I’ll definitely update you with how tithing has gone for me.

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