Church On Sundays: My Decision To Go Back

I’m a millennial and unlike previous generations I literally have any information I want in the palm of my hand. Plus, I have a very busy life trying to adult. So church fell by the wayside. I would go sometimes, you know holidays or special events (even then I would rarely make an appearance). But when something was going wrong in my life I couldn’t help but go back to my foundation.

 I wouldn’t consider myself a church girl. But God definitely had a significance in my up bringing and way of thinking. When trouble times came I knew to call on the name of Jesus. But when it came to church there was and maybe still is a certain skepticism I started to feel.

Similar to finding out Santa isn’t real, in the back of my mind, I knew church was essentially a place selling hope. Pastors were selling dreams and some of them were more explicit with that than others.

But I just couldn’t put all of my hope in church. Besides that, sometimes I just like to have my spirituality to myself. This article is probably the most I’ve really spoken of my faith, specifically Christianity. But beyond being what I was raised around, this specific faith has never came up short for me. Whether I am only finding the divine power within myself or Jesus himself that helps. I know that it hasn’t just been only my emotional power. It’s something else, something spiritual that keeps me going and church helps me with that, specifically the church I attend now being back in Philly.

Every time I go, I always get a message that I need to hear. Like literally, I always get exactly what I need to keep going. It’s the craziest thing. One Saturday, I was having a conversation with my friend and the next day, the pastor spoke on exactly the same subject. Things like that happen in church for me a lot and I always feel better about life situations that are thrown to me.

I’m not saying church will solve all of your problems, I do think it’s a step in the right direction, so try it out, it just might help you too.

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