Book: ‘The One Thing’ Teaches How To Stay Focused

What’s the one thing you can do right now that will make everything else either easier or unnecessary? After reading the book The One Thing by Gary Keller, that is a question I ask myself to stay focused on the task at hand.

The One Thing is a book about productivity and focus. I want to live to my highest potential and I’m sure whoever is reading this does as well. In order to do that we must have focus. Texting, while watching netflix, and trying to get a paper done is not going to work when trying to complete a task to the best of your ability. According to this book there is no such thing as a good multi-tasker. 

“When you try to do two things at once, you either can’t or won’t do either well”-Gary Keller


One must find focus and dig at their one thing until complete. You must also give up some things  and prioritize other things. It’s extremely hard to do with this culture of having so much access to everything. Personally, just to concentrate on one thing requires discipline and focus. I can’t even watch tv without being in my phone for one reason or another.

I definitely recommend this book to any one that has extraordinary goals. This book teaches you how to concentrate on one thing that will eventually help you reach everything you dreamed about. So again I ask, what’s the One Thing You can do right now that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?


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