It’s My Birthday & I Don’t Want To Celebrate….

It’s my 29th birthday and I don’t know how to feel. My last year in my twenties. Can’t say the twenties were the greatest but I think I’m going to miss it.

Gone are the days where it’s ok to make bad decisions under the guise of “learning”. It’s not cool to forgo responsibilities for a “yolo” night of acting ratchet with my friends. No more acting immature on social media by making petty subliminal posts about people that I don’t like (don’t act like you never did it!). Most of all no more reacting off of emotion because everything does not require a response. It’s time to act more responsibly with my money and time. Time to move with confidence and purpose. Time to grow up.

I learned from mistakes and I had triumphs that I didn’t quite cherish in my twenties. If I were an animal, my adolescent years represented a caterpillar, and in my twenties I went into my cocoon.

 My cocoon was a self-made prison that I couldn’t escape. But all along I was in the cocoon because I had to grow everything I would need to elevate in the next chapter in my life. As I enter my last year I’m ready to burst out of the cocoon. This year I will embrace the growing pains needed for my butterfly wings to grow so I can fly as high as I always wanted. 

Happy Birthday…

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