Behind The Scenes Look At Dave Al’s Photoshoot For Royal Press Magazine

Click! Click! Those are the sounds you hear in a gritty basement in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn as photographer, James Taylor is taking pictures of the 27-year old R&B singer Dave Al.

“This cover is going to be so dope,” said James Taylor. “I think the pictures will come out really good.”

Inside a gritty basement in the neighborhood of Bed-stuy Brooklyn would probably be the last place a person would think to do a photoshoot. But for Dave Al, he’s right in his element.

Dave Al’s debut EP Eleven blasts in the small basement as Dave takes different poses for pictures. This is Dave Al’s photoshoot for the cover of Royal Press Magazine that will commemorate the release of Eleven.  For the theme of this shoot Dave is doing a theme of old school meeting the new school. He takes pictures using a crate of vinyls as a prop. This is where Dave Al’s love for music started, with the old school.

“Sounding wise, vocally I have always had a bit of an older sound,” said Dave Al. But what I’m talking about now is definitely more grown.”

As each song plays from his then unreleased EP on the small speaker, Dave Al explains the various meanings of certain songs.

“So this one is about my situation, and just wanting it to be over and done,” said Dave Al about his song “Over and Done”. “You know just being in a relationship and wanting it to be over.”

During the shoot, the upcoming R&B singer, really let the creativity in the shots flow like a veteran in the music industry. He made sure the shoot truly captured the essence that is Dave Al.

The Royalty Press Magazine issue with Dave Al on the cover will be available July 8. To purchase the Royalty Press Magazine issue with Dave Al on the cover go here.

Twitter: @Dave_ALMusic

Instagram: @musicjunkydave

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