Adrian Daniel At Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory

Upcoming R&B artist, Adrian Daniel, performed live at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, Tuesday, June 12. The up-comer performed songs from his debut album, Disillusions

Daniel was born and raised in Brooklyn, so the performance was like a homecoming for the young singer. The Knitting Factory was full of Brooklyn hipsters to support Adrian Daniel, while he continues to promote his debut EP Disillusions. The album got off to a grand start, being debuted on Billboard and getting great fan and critical acclaim.

Adrian Daniel’s show is very intimate with his audience. He likes to look into the crowd and have them close to him as he croons his songs. A popular song called “Devoted” seemed to really excite the crowd because as soon as he announced that he was doing that song, the crowd erupted into applause. As he performed the song, the crowd sang along, emphasizing all of the emotions that Daniel made with the song.

To have only one album out and minimal exposure, Daniel filled the Knitting Factory up pretty satisfactorily. One might wonder after seeing Daniel perform, will he be the new face of R&B. Only time can tell.

Good show Adrian Daniel!

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