5 Ways To Get Past The Hump of Procrastination

I have a very bad habit of procrastination, like very bad. These days it seems I procrastinate when it comes to stuff I have to do for myself. I don’t procrastinate in work or when it comes to helping someone. It’s when I have to do something for my website, make a doctors appointment, and etc. Literally anything that comes with me doing something that would be for my betterment I put it off to the last minute. This article is an example, as it was something I was supposed to do a long time ago. So I wanted to give some tips on how to overcome procrastination to help not only myself but hopefully you too. Lets get over this hump together!

  1.  Reclassifying your Goals. Sometimes procrastination is a sign that we really don’t want to do something. This is normal, plans change and we do to. Sometimes a goal is something we just don’t want to do anymore. Reclassif your goal so that it’s something you are passionate about and enjoy doing. Sometimes it might not be something that you enjoy doing but you have to get it done. For things like that, I think of the feeling after I get something done, which is always great. That thought helps me reach my goal.
  2. Reward yourself. Maybe after two hours straight of doing work you have 30 mins on Facebook or whatever your vice is. Provide some light at the end of the tunnel after accomplishing your goal. Take sometime, even if it’s a minute to relish in the fact you accomplished something. Celebrate the small victories.
  3. Get An Accountability partner. Honestly as much as I avoid interacting with people most times. You can’t get to the top by yourself. Get an accountability partner that holds you accountable for accomplishing your goals. Have them check on your progress of your goals. I know for me for some reason, I can get over letting myself down, but when I let other people down, it’s a bummer.
  4. Start with the hardest task of the day first. Whatever is the hardest for you to complete, do that task first. When you get the hardest thing done first, everything is much easier to complete. It’s like using the most energy you have to get the hardest thing out of the way. You’ll feel unstoppable after getting the biggest rock out of the way.
  5. Stop thinking and do. I am the textbook over thinker. I think about everything from all sides before taking action. While that is great from a strategic point of view, it sucks from an execution point of view. The only way to see your ideas and different scenarios through is to DO them. You’ll never get an idea of how to do something by just thinking on it. You must act! Take action! Take that jump and if it fails or sucks you’ll know what you need to do differently because you’ll know for sure what doesn’t work.


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